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DataVibe Online Survey Tools

DataVibe is a complete data collection, analysis and evaluation tool for risk management / PSHE and Character education. 

We know that building social and emotional resilience and skill is a key part of risk education so this tool helps you to identify the learning needs of young people and to gain a clearer picture of their personal skills in a range of contexts so that you can help them be healthy and stay safer.

DataVibe can be used by any school or organisation to collect data.

  • Can be completed anywhere with any computer with web access
  • Is anonymous
  • Ideal for schools, Clusters, multi-site Academies, EIPs youth clubs, drug services and many more
  • Data is analysed instantly and delivered as reports
  • Always up to the minute
  • Always accurate and high fidelity
  • Delivers localised services information, plus option to refer self for further confidential discussion triggered by risk answers withn the app
  • Different surveys to match each age and stage

Compliments Education Programmes and support packages available from us for KS3/4 


The DataVibe Survey Tools, available for KS2,3 and 4, has been designed to help you find out what young people experience in relation to potential risks and risky behaviours and experiences in their lives. It explores what they encounter, know and believe about key safety issues such as substances, online relationships and real-world relationships. It identifies their strengths and weaknesses in relation to managing risks and emotional wellbeing. The data can be used to plan and then evaluate lessons smartly making best use of teaching time.  Surveys can be selected individually by a topic or as a group of topics together in a single survey. Multiple surveys can be used to build a picture and to prioritise learning and follow up questions.


Reports and follow up results are matched in easy to use tables and graphs that can be accessed at a click when you are logged in.  Areas for concern are highlighted and 'ideal answers' indicated for easy targeted planning.


User License costs

All user licenses are upgradeable

DataVibe 2 year Single User License - one survey 70
Suitable for a single cohort, year, group, learning centre intake, youth group etc. Survey can be selected to be appropriate for any key stage or year as you require.

DataVibe 2 year Single User Licence for 5 cohort Surveys £300
Suitable for organisations that wish to track the progress of up to 5 groups. Each survey can be tailored to the ages and stage of the group and have the option to add follow up surveys.

D-Vibe 2 year Single User, x10 cohort Survey License £500
D-Vibe Single User, x10 Survey License is suitable for organisations that wish to track the progress of up to 10 groups, years, classes etc. Each survey can be tailored to the ages and stage of the group and have the option to add follow up surveys.

DataVibe 2 year Single User, x20 cohort Survey License £900
Suitable for larger organisations that wish to track the progress of up to 20 groups or partner organisations/groups/projects. Each survey can be tailored to the ages and stage of the group and have the option to add follow up surveys. Very useful for med-large schools or small EIP clusters wishing to share the cost and track the impact of their interventions year on year.

DataVibe 2 year Multi-User Corporate License (contact us)
This full featured data collection package allows authorities or other large parent or multi-partner organisations to collect, collate and analyse data across an unlimited number of clients using a central dashboard.  Each client account you create enables that client to administrate and view all their own surveys, view data and repeat at intervals within their own client dashboard.  In addition, you, as the master administrator, will be able to:

  • Create and allocate single user accounts for multiple schools / teams or agencies with their own  dashboard to administer surveys, reports etc.
  • View all school accounts and data in a secure central admin area (dashboard)
  • Collate and collect reports from all sub-licensees in one overview
  • View aggregated or individual reports
  • Mark and track clients against 2 additional grouping criterion for extended comparison across the set (perfect for randomized controlled trials of drug education projects or interventions)
  • Highlight trends and concerns across geographical area
  • Localistation of postcode and local services data in relevant questions
  • Edit and bar clients' details and passwords
  • Make bespoke report layouts to meet your reporting needs for other protocols

The base price for multi-user surveys is £6000 plus and additional £300 per school for each license you require for up to 10 schools, £200 per school license for up to 20 schools, and £150 per school license up to 50 schools or £100 per school license up to 100 schools.  




What Users Say:

"This [DataVibe] has totally changed the way we plan drug education.  We can plan economically and measure real results."

"DataVibe data was a key 'convincer' with our governors, now we base our response on the reality, not on incorrect assumptions about what our young people know and experience"

"The data was well worth collecting - very interesting and not just about drug use, but also what they believe and do around drugs - we wil be extending our license to the sex and relationships tools as soon as they are available"

"Really helped our planning"

"The data is used to assist commissioning of services and to gather accurate prevalence and other data for our authority"

"There is so much in this survey, it is intelligent and takes a whole approach not only to young people and their needs but also to research"

"It is the perfect way to design, plan and evidence a character curriculum"

"The linked support packages from the PSHE Advisory Team have been really invaluable and made things simple to follow and achieve"


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